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Coexistence of high mobility and safety

Made possible by asymmetry design


Coexistence of reducing pain from long time riding and sole feeling sensitivity.

Shoe sole pursued optimum shape and hardness.


Specialized +

Shoe sole pursued optimum shape and hardness.


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Exceed expectation

GORI on Jul 29

I bought it for a bicycle trial. I was surprised at the following points nevertheless it is half the price of similar exclusive shoes.
・Heel hold
・Grip power
・Asymmetrical design that doubles as an ankle guard (sense of security)
・For Asian who the width of the toe part is wide
It's more than enough performance for my middle age bike trial level. The sole also softens moderately when you push it, and it feels good to bite into the pedal. However, if I say something a little harsh,
・The durability of artificial leather-like parts such as shoe toes is weak
・Inner sole slides backward (When wearing non-slip socks)
・Since the patterns of the back of the sole is close, if you wear it on dirt on a rainy day, the dirt will clog the back of the sole and cause you to slip.
Although it is written severely, there is no problem with the use characteristics of the trial, and it is a highly recommended pair. On rainy days, I hardly ever wear them, so it doesn't matter.


The best shoes

motochin on Jul 21

I use it in trial & MTB. The fit around the heel and the sense of security that protects the inner ankles are truly exclusive shoes. It is difficult to put on, but it does not slip off easily, and it is comfortable to wear. I feel that the thickness and hardness of the sole is good enough that it does not bite too much even when dropping off from a high place with a cage pedal. The non-slip sole is the same as the HyperV sole sneakers and safety shoes I've been using until then, and it has a stable grip regardless of whether it is dry or wet, dynamic friction or static friction. Compared to other special shoes, the price is about half the price (= you can buy 2 new shoes), so it's reasonable. JIRIKI JKB-1. The perfection and cost performance of the first dedicated shoes did not disappoint!


Can use for other than Bike Trial

HW on May 31

I bought for Bike Trial. The grip is as expected. When tauching corner of rock, it realize stable grip like wraping the corner. Next time I will try on mud in rainy day. If I insisit, it will be less getting catch mud if the patttern is wider. The shape hold ankle let me feel safe. I can reccomend for flat pedal, MTB trail ride with carrying and climbing.



西川丞治 on May 31

I was looking for versatile cycling shoes for touring and commuting, and I found [JIRIKI]. The hyper V sole enables slip-resistant pedaling and is comfortable when walking.


Good by pedal hitting shin

jitenshaaslethic on May 29

I'm a shoe picker, so I've tried over 20 pairs of shoes. The grip power and price will express you "I can't wear anything other than these shoes anymore". You can feel the strong grip just by walking. The encounter with HyperV was also intense, but JBK-#1 is even more sophisticated. I never thought that a light shoe would make riding so much easier. "If I insist," it may be better for "professionals" to have softer toes. It is not a problem at all for riders who step on the arch of the foot.


It is considering standing on toe

takeyabunonusi on Jul 01

I wore Vans and FiveTen size 25.5cm, but this time I bought 25cm and the size was just right. The sole is harder than the Vans and softer than the FiveTen, so you can easily feel the pedal. The upper part is made of mesh, which allows the wind to pass through and is refreshing. The upper part is also reinforced with leather, so you can rest assured that it will not feel loose. I've been straying about choosing shoes until now, but from now on, JIRIKI will be the rule.


Width and hight

A swimmer on Jun 11

My measured length is 24.5cm, but the width of my foot is 12.5cm, so I ordered 26.0cm which I have worn in HyperV work shoes, but I couldn't put my foot in unless I untied all the laces. The length is just right when you put your feet in, but the width is a little tight. The instep is fastened with a string and Velcro, but the length is barely there and I feel uneasy. If you wear it for a while, it will loosen a little, so I will wear it as it is without replacing it. I want you to set EEE for Japanese people with wide insteps.


Good for road bike with flat pedal

small footer on Apr 07

Even I, who have small feet (even the smallest size of F*veten is bulky), was able to wear them! Ordinary shoes wear 22.5cm. I bought the 22.5cm, which has a good amount of space, but the shoelaces and velcro hold it firmly, so the heel doesn't float. It grips the SPD-SL pedal with an attachment (plastic plate) that turns it into a flat pedal. Speaking of greed, if the logo is embossed instead of printed, would it be more luxurious? I am happy with the design and the price.


Summer gem item

HOPE on Jul 02

The normal size is 26.5 cm, so I ordered that size. It's perfect and not too much or too little. The best mesh material makes it comfortable to wear in the hot and humid season. However, when I got off the bicycle and walked around the city, I felt that the heel could have been a little higher (slightly). Still when you consider that flat-type cycling shoes from other outdoor specialty stores are around 15,000JPN, this is the best value for cost.