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Power lifting shoes



Fine and tight adjustment is possible

An adjustable belt is placed in front of the instep. Together with the string tightening, it provides a more secure hold with the foot. Tighter and finer adjustment is possible since Ver.2.

Reduces outward power loss during deadlifts, etc.

A "hold counter" integrated with the sole is placed on the outer part of the toe.
Together with the belt at the front of the instep, it prevents the foot from shifting inside the shoe and reduces power loss.

2-way design with removable insole

JIRIKI JKP-#1 is completely different from conventional shoes, with a thin special rubber inner sole.

Adjustable sole thickness

The sole thickness can be adjusted according to the training menu and competition. The sole thickness is 7mm when the insole is removed, and the Hyper V sole transfers the wearer's power directly.

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Bridge can be stable!

UT on Dec 03

I'm using this shoes mainly for bench press. I can hold on tightly when I make bridge and straddling, cause it doesn't slip at all! Another shoes can slippery slowly. I can guess that JIRIKI is excellent.


The best shoes

Sho Nagayama on May 31

Mainly using for bench press. Because it wonderfully non-slip then I can use leg power effectively. Compare with this manufacturer's another model, JIRIKI is tighten the heel and toe, the stability is improved. I also used for dead lift and squat and it's also very good. I can recommend not only for power-lifters but also who going on training.


Correct choice

kaze on May 31

I can say grip force is really important for weight-training. JIRIKI performs well stability on BIG3. It looks the longer I use this shoes, the better fit for me!


The shoes for power lifting

UT on Dec 03

It never slip when I am applying force to foot! The good fitting and slip less shoes inside also help holding. Some say the desorption bothersome, but it is almost same with weigh lifting shoes or wrestling shoes and not easy to remove is important for competition. In spite of this is competition model, but price is cheap.


Harsh feedback

mitsu on Jul 02

This is best as a non slip shoes. But the fitting is bigger 0.5 to 1.0cm than measuring. Because of the black belt tightening the laces was difficult. I had to pay JPY2000 for shoe repair shop to fix it.


It is considering standing on toe

takeyabunonusi on Jul 01

I was using "Tabi-gutsu" same HyperV sole. The good grip performs same and it looks like be added holding. The back ankle point is gouged out and it make standing on toe naturally.



A swimmer on Jun 11

I had been thinking its enough wrestling shoes, but the power of holding is completely different. I am under consideration to buy another color also!



Harumi on Jun 12

I had to prepar shoehorn, but the fit is outstanding and it's very good for compet competition.


The shoes makes me getting rid of anxiety

Yuichiro Yamasaki on Jun 05

For example, when making the form of bench press, it properly grips the toes that tend to be unstable. Like a competent manager who responds to every selfish move. Easy to output power.